What is an alert or notification?

An alert, or notification, is an action that has on occurred on DynamicApis that concerns you directly. There are many different reasons that you may be notified.

  • If an API portal you contribute to, or are following, has updated, added or removed an API.
  • If a new user has been added to a portal that you contribute to.
  • If a question was asked by someone about one your your APIs on a portal that you contribute to.
  • If a system update is about to be pushed to DynamicApis or a system update was applied.

When you have a new notification you will be able to see how many notifications you have that are yet to be seen and also view all of your notifications by clicking on the alert icon at the top of the page. Once viewing the notifications, you can choose to delete them by clicking on the x button on the top right of the notification section.