What is an integration guide?

The integration guide functionality was created so that you can very quickly produce an end-to-end "how to" (printable) document for individuals consuming your API. It is common in larger organizations to have technical specification documents outlining how a system works and how to integration with said system. The integration guide attempts to automate the creation of this document for you saving you time, money, and ultimately providing your consumers with the best integration guide for your API.

DynamicApis allows you to create API guides that read a lot like a very nice architectural overview document for users consuming your API. The API integration guides contain things like the endpoint, documentation, sample requests and responses, contributors, Q≈A, and even auto-generated sequence diagrams. By scanning the API, DynamicApis can infer workflow and sequences that one must take to use the API then generates a sequence diagram and inserts it into the integration guide. The Q&A sections shown in the integration guide are pulled directly from your API portal comments. Any question that was asked through comments and has a "marked as best answer" associated to it will show up in the Q&A section in the integration guide. The integration guide is also printer friendly and comes with a bit.ly link so that it can easily be shared with colleges and other consumers.