Testing an API

Test requests refer to the ability to submit an API request against an API portal endpoint. Once a test request has been submitted against an API portal endpoint, the person who submitted that request will be able to see (and share) the request and response on their My Account page. Submitting a test request is very simple. Navigate to the API endpoint documentation page and either find the API endpoint that you want to submit a test request against and click [Try it out] or simply click the [Try it out] button at the very top of the API documentation page.

All test requests submitted by DynamicApis are proxied through DynamicApis.com servers. This means that DynamicApis.com must be able to resolve the url that is being called or else a test request will not be possible. If an API is uploaded where the host address is not resolvable then the [Try it out] button's will be disabled and they will show (unreachable). This means that DynamicApis.com could not resolve the URL to allow users to make a test request against.

Tests submitted to an API are proxied through DynamicApis servers and forwarded to the correct API.

APIs that cannot be reached or that will not resolve will not have the ability to test.