What is the commenting system?

The comment system was put in place to allow users to ask questions and start discussions around particular APIs. Although comments can be asked directly against an API endpoint located on an API portal, general comments can be created against a portal as well. The comment system allows for creation of the initial question, or comment, and allows you to reply to those comments. A reply can be marked as "best answer" indiciating that the answer to a question or comment that was made was what the original creator was looking for. Additionally, the replies can be voted on by users to give them more validity or to indicate that a particular reply helped them with something.

Comments can be made directly against an API endpoint on any API portal that has commenting enabled by navigating to the API, finding the Q&A section within the documentation, and posting a comment there. This comment will then be visible directly on the API endpoint as well as the API portal main commenting page. Comments can also be made directly against the main commenting page for an API portal but it will not be tagged with a particular API endpoint.